I want my folsom authenticated.

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By chris lane tiller (goshen) on Wednesday, January 21, 2004 - 04:24 pm: Edit

thanks for the reply floyd.
This quarry site is also a gient winter camp.
The banks on the north side are completely covered in stuff. I have only been on the south side once and I instantly found a habitation site . The ancients used this site for ever as a habitation site.It just so happened to be a quarry as well.
The broken Hasket was green sugar Quarts.
The Midland was transluscent yellow and well worn and resharpened.
The river in that stretch looks like it would a perfect for diving. Moderate current and depth , gravel bottom.
The farmer (Bethkey) said that some years ago he ran into a couple guys who claimed to be Hasket hunting the banks along this stretch. I also found the base to a gient paleo. It had the form of a gient Clovis with no flute.
There is a series of large springs that dump right into the river along this area, and each one has a camp on it. There is a dirt road that runs across these camps and I always find broken points in the tire tracks. But , the river seems a likely place for a treasure hunt .
This probably the largest winter camp below the Fort Hall river bottoms I know of.
The area is called Merry's Mine buy the locals.
If you look in the topic section ,,way back, I was posting some pics of points from Montana.
I found a screamer of a Midland and a killer •••• gap as well as some others from that area. Ill keep in touch .
Oh ya,,, Bethkey had a Clovis that his brother lost and he had a small Clovis or Folsom in his collection and one super broken Folsom. He couldnt remember exactly where it came from but he said that all of those came from along the river there. C.T.

By Floyd Chambers (desertrat) on Wednesday, January 21, 2004 - 03:39 pm: Edit

Chris, For some reason I was thinking the Haskett type site was somewhere in western Idaho. I spend so much time researching Utah and Nevada that I tend to neglect Idaho. Now I have read up on Owl Cave, it's the only site in the entire Great Basin that fluted points have been found with critter remains and radio carbon dated. I've read a little on a couple of the other Idaho cave sites too. But I still have alot of reading to do. I have read about the Clovis cache, but wasn't sure what part of the state it was found. If you have a pic of that Midland, I would love to see it. I haven't found one of those yet either. So do you think the quarry site was also a habitation site? I usually don't find finished points at quarry sites, just rough preforms. Being on the river it's very possible it could of been a quarry and habitation site. It's unusual to find a tip and a base of a certain point, I bet you looked for that middle piece long and hard! Was the green material jasper, obsidian or something else? How deep is the river there and how strong is the current? If I thought there were Haskett points in there, I would be learning how to dive right quick! The farmer wouldn't tell you where his spots were, but would he let you try to find them on your own or is it posted? I bet a place that big has some sites he hasn't found yet too. I would look at satellite images of the land and pick out some likely spots if you are allowed on the property. When I'm looking for paleo sites I like to find old water sources that long ago dried up, from there I look for the nearest ridges no matter how small. Where extinct streams come into a valley and fan out is a great place to look also. But none of that matters if the erosion isn't right. My email addy is arrow719@hotmail.com I'd like to do a hunt sometime in the Spring or whenever. I'm used to travelling a little to different places, so a couple 100 miles doesn't bother me at all. Floyd

By chris lane tiller (goshen) on Wednesday, January 21, 2004 - 11:04 am: Edit

Floyd , the Hasket type site is about 8 miles from this guys farm. It is called lake channel by the locals in Power co.
The river below American falls is a large quarry for Obsidian.
I have read reports lately that traced some fantastic artifact back to that source. scottsbluff, A Cody knife found along Yellowstone lake came from this source as well as Folsom and Hasket, and I found a beauty of a Midland not Obsidian.
The area west Idaho falls is known for the Folsom componant (owl cave).
Not far down the valley from us here in Pocatello is a Clovis site and a Clovis Cache (Simon)was found near Fairfield Id. So, there are some good ones out here.
Back to American Falls. Right at the quarry area (about two miles) of river bank is absolutly covered in chuncks and flakes . I walked it last spring and found several broken points and one small perfect point , a Desert side notched. I also picked up the tip and base of a Green Hasket it was missing about one inch of its center, it would have been about 4 inches long. Booo Hooo.
But, I cant dive and Im pretty sure that this stretch of river is loaded with artifacts . No one has ever looked in the river , no one, ever!!!
The farmer is still active at hunting points. He wouldnt tell me where any camps were . Except one that only shows up when the lake is very low . It shows up as an Island and is a great big camp . The farmer talked about crawling thru the mud to get to it when he was in high school,, Then filling a bucket with artifacts.
This farmers name is Bethkey. He started to get a reputation as a good point hunter but wouldnt take anyone to his camps. He claimed that some jelouse friends actually rented a plane and went looking for his pickup in the desert. He bragged that this was the only time anyone figured out where he was getting all his stuff.
Keep in touch Floyd maybe we can do some walking this spring. C.T.

By Scott Childress (scott123) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 03:23 pm: Edit

Chris Email John at flintriverrat@yahoo.com

By Richard W. Reed (doubler) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 03:17 pm: Edit

I talked to John Sowell last night and he said he would be glad to look at it. You will just need to mail it to him.

By Floyd Chambers (desertrat) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 03:12 pm: Edit

Hi Chris,

I'm not all that far away from you, I live near Salt Lake City. Did you try to score permission to hunt on that farm? I sure would have, large farms and ranches are the best way to go. I would of loved to see those Hasketts and other paleos. I've been trying to find a Haskett for a long time with zero luck. I didn't know the American Falls area was known for paleo. Maybe I'll make a trip up there sometime to look around if I can find a place to. All my hunting spots are covered with snow right now and it hasn't got above freezing for 18 straight days (tying the record, tomorrow will probably break it) so the snow won't melt. Looking forward to seeing some of your pics. Floyd

By Lamar Pullen (lamar) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 12:08 pm: Edit

Chris glad your back, now get busy and post some killers.lol

By chris lane tiller (goshen) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 10:09 am: Edit

Thanks guys ... Been a real hard year for me and my back.
I now have a digital camera and will start learning how to use it and post some pics.
I rescently saw a collection by a local farmer that blew me away, he had been an avid collector since 1959.His family is a large land owner.Thousands of acres of farm ground near American Falls Id. Scottsbluff and clovis were present as well as dozens of lovely points.
Just a couple days before I saw his collection he had a guy come to his door with a pocket full of 100$ bills trying to buy paleos for 100 bucks . The farmer said his brother sold 6 to this guy for 100 each. The guy wanted the Haskets they had real bad. But didnt get them.
I found two Dalton, a beauty Meserve, several nice Agate Basin, and a bunch of notched points.
Im still here, just been very busy and havent had a chance to show any pics .
JEWELS,,, please email me , I would like to chat about collecting around here .. IMPORTANT. C.T.

By Scott Childress (scott123) on Saturday, January 17, 2004 - 12:17 pm: Edit

Chris!!! Man where have you been!!! Welcome Back!!
I know John has been wondering what happend to you, and I'm positive he will be more than happy to look at your Folsom for you...

By CHARLIE HAMPTON (flintknapper) on Saturday, January 17, 2004 - 12:10 pm: Edit

Hey ,I will look at it send me a picture of it I know more about points than most .

By chris lane tiller (goshen) on Friday, January 16, 2004 - 12:52 pm: Edit

Im hoping that John Sowel will be interested in looking at it.
This folsom is the only artifact in my collection that is not a personal find . All the posts about fakes and how good they look has me wondering... Please email me your address John. And what is the fee??? C.T.

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