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"Holey" Pickwick
[Holey Pickwi]

\"Holey\" Pickwick
Nice Pickwick that was worked around an inclusion that may have fallen out later but really makes for an excellent conversation piece and relic. Nice patination and lots of character. Not many with these inclusions in the rock survive intact.
1 x Orange Crush Bolen Bevel
1 x Blushing Stem Marion
1 x Ivory Colored Bolen
1 x Hard Candy Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Pecan Pie Abbey
1 x Burnt Orange Lafayette
1 x Hot Coals Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Candy Polished Blade
1 x Butterscotch Candy Sandy
1 x Molten Savannah River
1 x Needle Tip Muckalee
1 x 2 Tone Abbey
1 x Ruby Red Kirk
1 x Black Beauty Bolen
1 x Orange Twister Bolen
1 x "Terra Cotta" Bolen REDUCED
1 x Colorful Guilford
1 x Gnarly Kirk Serrated
1 x Molten Hues Kirk
1 x "Holey" Pickwick
1 x Orange Cache Blade
1 x Honey Made South Prong Creek
1 x Creamy Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Kirk Stemmed Point
1 x Blunted Kirk Corner Notch
1 x RARE Newkirk aka Fullmer
1 x Big Colorful Levy
1 x Hypo Tip Ecusta Bolen
1 x Magma First Stage Bolen
1 x Bronze Alachua
1 x Goliath Hamilton
1 x Puppy Teeth Pickwick
1 x First Stage Cobbs Knife
1 x Hot Coals Wacissa
1 x Ace Bolen Plain
1 x Cowhorn Style Sandy
1 x Blunted Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Blushing Stem Pickwick
1 x Multi Color Marion
1 x Brown Striped Bolen
1 x Long Stem Lochloosa Newnan
1 x Furnace Pickwick
1 x "Batman" Arredondo
1 x Latte' Lobe Base Kirk
1 x Fine Cache Blade
1 x Affordable Pinetree
1 x Hard To Find Hardin
1 x Creamy Conerly
1 x "Comb Like" Cobbs
1 x Ruby Columbia
1 x Creamy Cypress Creek
1 x Candy Sandy
1 x Gold First Stage Abbey
1 x Cowhorn Big Sandy
1 x Crimson Coral Knife
1 x Rust Spot Arredondo
1 x Knob Stem Kirk
1 x Deep Notch Kirk
1 x Long Orange Bolen
1 x Heatwave Abbey
1 x Plantation Clay
1 x Brownie Big Sandy
1 x Little Levy
1 x Camo Columbia
1 x Earth Tones Kirk
1 x Butterscotch Bolen
1 x "Cat Eye" Levy
1 x Caramel Corner Notch
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