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Hypo Tip Ecusta Bolen
[HypoTip Ecus]

Hypo Tip Ecusta Bolen

Love the steep bevels and exaggerated serrations in this classic Ecusta Bolen. Great color, polish and deep translucence. Excellent example of a rare Bolen subtype in excellent condition.

1 x Orange Crush Bolen Bevel
1 x Blushing Stem Marion
1 x Ivory Colored Bolen
1 x Hard Candy Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Pecan Pie Abbey
1 x Burnt Orange Lafayette
1 x Hot Coals Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Candy Polished Blade
1 x Butterscotch Candy Sandy
1 x Molten Savannah River
1 x Needle Tip Muckalee
1 x 2 Tone Abbey
1 x Ruby Red Kirk
1 x Black Beauty Bolen
1 x Orange Twister Bolen
1 x "Terra Cotta" Bolen REDUCED
1 x Colorful Guilford
1 x Gnarly Kirk Serrated
1 x Molten Hues Kirk
1 x "Holey" Pickwick
1 x Orange Cache Blade
1 x Honey Made South Prong Creek
1 x Creamy Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Kirk Stemmed Point
1 x Blunted Kirk Corner Notch
1 x RARE Newkirk aka Fullmer
1 x Big Colorful Levy
1 x Hypo Tip Ecusta Bolen
1 x Magma First Stage Bolen
1 x Bronze Alachua
1 x Goliath Hamilton
1 x Puppy Teeth Pickwick
1 x First Stage Cobbs Knife
1 x Hot Coals Wacissa
1 x Ace Bolen Plain
1 x Cowhorn Style Sandy
1 x Blunted Kirk Corner Notch
1 x Blushing Stem Pickwick
1 x Multi Color Marion
1 x Brown Striped Bolen
1 x Long Stem Lochloosa Newnan
1 x Furnace Pickwick
1 x "Batman" Arredondo
1 x Latte' Lobe Base Kirk
1 x Fine Cache Blade
1 x Affordable Pinetree
1 x Hard To Find Hardin
1 x Creamy Conerly
1 x "Comb Like" Cobbs
1 x Ruby Columbia
1 x Creamy Cypress Creek
1 x Candy Sandy
1 x Gold First Stage Abbey
1 x Cowhorn Big Sandy
1 x Crimson Coral Knife
1 x Rust Spot Arredondo
1 x Knob Stem Kirk
1 x Deep Notch Kirk
1 x Long Orange Bolen
1 x Heatwave Abbey
1 x Plantation Clay
1 x Brownie Big Sandy
1 x Little Levy
1 x Camo Columbia
1 x Earth Tones Kirk
1 x Butterscotch Bolen
1 x "Cat Eye" Levy
1 x Caramel Corner Notch
1 x Painted Pickwick/Newnan
1 x Copper Conerly
1 x Killer Tip Bolen
1 x Long Gray Bolen
1 x Banded Arredondo
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