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UPDATE - March 22, 2014- Presidents Message

Dear Friend of Artifact Collecting:

On March 22nd, Tri State Archaeological Society (TSAS) held a business meeting immediately following the Okefenokee Artifacts show in Homerville Ga.
During this meeting, all attendees discussed the recent malicious enforcement actions in Florida and what could be done to effect change for the future of our beloved hobby. It was unanimously decided that TSAS would engage the services of Todd Lewis to begin advocacy of our hobby with members of the Florida legislature. Mr. Lewis has experience in campaign efforts and has represented several other organizations in advocacy interaction with the Florida legislature.
We are asking anyone that has any interest in protecting the future of artifact collecting for present and future generations, to join TSAS and to encourage others to join as well. The annual membership is only $15 per year for adults and $5 per year for youth under age 18. All members receive 4 quarterly newsletters per year, featuring upcoming shows, editorials, and artifact related news and happenings. If you know of other collectors that might like to join, please feel free to share this letter or feel free to give the gift of membership.
TSAS has a Youth Scholarship program of $500 per year, awarded annually to applicants that have enrolled for college, that are youth members or have parents that are TSAS members. We have awarded as many as (3) scholarships annually, for several years consecutively.
TSAS has also taken donated over $20,000 in Legal Defense to those TSAS members that have been maliciously arrested in the State of Florida.
Please consider joining TSAS to help protect the right to collect arrowheads and please consider making a donation to the TSAS Legal Defense Fund. All donations will be spent only as ear-marked and will fully accounted for. Your support is important and much appreciated.
You can join by mailing $15 to:
TSAS Attn Richard Reed - Treasurer
Po Box 865
Eufaula Al 36072
Any donations earmarked for Legal Defense should be sent to: 
Po Box 865
Eufaula AL.
You can also paypal membership dues to
It is past time to put aside personal agendas and for all collectors (arrowhead collectors, metal detectorists, fossil hunters, Civil War, bottle collectors, etc..) to realize that collector rights are indeed in jeopardy. The recent steps taken in Florida are only the beginning of the agenda of the anti-collecting crowd. These anti-collector elitists are untiring in their efforts and belief that no one should have the right to collect or possess pieces of the past.

Together, we can make a difference and improve the tarnished image of the collecting community, that has been voraciously attacked by those seeking to advance their own funding and job preservation, while being paid by the taxpayers.
Without the private collector - there would not be one single museum in the country. Think about that.......

Please help TSAS make a difference for our hobby.
Kevin Dowdy
Tri State Archaeological Society

Tri State Archaeological Society is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and promotion of artifact collecting in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. With current anti-collector sentiment, and recent legislative restrictions, it is imperative that artifact collectors unite in a proactive Society that will promote the hobby in a positive light. TSAS will fight to protect our right to collect, educate the general public, sponsor good shows, send out timely and informative newsletters, and defend our hobby from special interest groups that would sponsor anti-collector legislation. TSAS is properly organized by Charter and By-laws, and elects a proper governing board and officers. 

Since 2001, TSAS has been proactive in education – giving away (13) $500 scholarships to youth affiliated with our organization. The Broome-Haddock-Wingate Scholarship program is the most successful of any Scholarship program affiliated with an artifact collecting society in the country. In 2011, TSAS awarded (4) $500 Scholarships to very deserving young people from Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. 

We have also raised and given over $7000 towards successful legal defense of those charged in malicious prosecution, most recently in the State of Florida. 

TSAS is actively seeking motivated individuals to help showcase and preserve the best artifacts in the country - All we need now is your support!!! If TSAS sounds like the organization you have been looking for to enhance your ability to enjoy the hobby - Look no further TSAS will be the organization of choice. 

Our motto is "Preservation Through Knowledge" - help us make it happen!

Join the Tri-State Archaeological Society, the most active of all Deep South Collector organizations since 2001, devoted to the preservation and promotion of the family oriented hobby we all love and enjoy.


Membership is only $15 annually and members receive 4 full color newsletters per year.

Please mail check or money order to :

Richard Reed

Po Box 865

Eufaula , AL 36072

Or give Richard a call at 334-703-7104

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