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We are glad to work with you to secure an artifact in which you are interested and we generally will go the extra mile to accomodate your purchase. However, we must have a few basic guidelines in place to protect all parties.

1) We will place on point "ON HOLD" with a phone call or email for up to 7 days. If we do not receive payment in full within 7 days, the point will be marked AVAILABLE and the hold removed.

2) The MAXIMUM LAYAWAY TIME we extend is 30 days, and this is upon receipt of 50% down. If the layaway is not paid out within 30 days, the point will be sold, and your deposit forfeited.

3) If you place an artifact on layaway, the 50% downpayment is DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS. No Exceptions.

4)  We welcome multiple purchases, however, we can NOT place additional items on hold until previous layaways are paid in full.

5) If you put an artifact on layaway and take more than 30 days to pay it out, THERE WILL BE A 15% Restocking Fee imposed, IF the point is returned for any reason other than authenticity.

6) In the event a dispute arises, we will do everything possible to work with you, but the above guidelines are the governing policies, no matter what is perceived or "understood" on the part of the buyer.

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