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We are always in the market to acquire Authentic Deep South Relics. We buy single pieces or entire collections. Our interests range from average field grade artifacts, to collections containing only "High Grade" Artifacts.

While we would be glad to discuss your collection via phone, we do not buy relics over the phone. We must see the actual artifacts before finalizing any offer to purchase artifacts. Pictures are helpful in determining our level of interest. If you would like to send pictures of your arrowheads or other artifacts, please email them to From the pictures we would expect to determine our level of interest. Please include a ruler or something to show scale in each photo you provide. Please re-size your photos to 640 x 480 pixels so that the file sizes arent so large that we are unable to download.

Our ultimate goal is to always please our buyers and sellers . During these trying economic times, we want you to be aware that Low Grade, Field Grade and Common Grade Artifacts are not bringing what they should. If we buy your artifacts, we promise to be as fair as we can as it is our rule to never take advantage of anyone. Please keep in mind that common grade artifacts are the toughest to sell as most buyers are looking to buy a better grade of artifact than they are finding.

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Sexy South Prong
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Professional artifact appraisals and photography. We buy, sell, trade or take artifacts on consignment.

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