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On the subject of authentication, we strongly recommend Jerry Dickey and John Sowell, on anything from Georgia, Alabama, or Florida . Jerry can be reached by phone at (931-273-2388) and John Sowell can be reached at (334-618-5427).

You can rest assured that very few have handled more genuine Deep South artifacts in the last 30 years than I have. I use my experience to insure all my offerings have been carefully examined prior to listing them, so buy with confidence.

Keep in mind that authentication is only an opinion and is NOT an exact science, despite claims by some to the contrary. When you ask for "authentication", it is merely an opinion, and your decision on whom you place confidence in. No authenticator is 100% correct all the time and anyone that buys and sells in any decent volume level, has/will make a mistake(s). Same goes for authenticators. It really boils down to who you trust and who has the best track record and longevity. I do not recommend using authenticators that are not familiar with point styles and materials outside their areas of expertise.


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